TRADE button gone?

Rebalancing an research model no longer gives me the option to pass the recommendations to IB via the TRADE tool.
Is this broken or is there another way?

BTW the firefox Web console shows this error:

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Seeing same problem on Chrome.

TRADE is being deprecated since all the “managing” of live accounts should be from the Manage section. Can you tell us more why you are not managing from the Manage section? Or what prevented you from doing so ?

In Manage you can set up a strategy to “follow” or “drive” your Research strategy.

In the case of “follows” , you first rebalance the Research strategy , then all the manage strategies that follow it can be synched up. This mode should be used if have multiple brokerage accounts following the same strategy (the amount invested can be different)

If you are in “drive” mode you do everything from Manage. When you rebalance, accept or reject recommendations, those choices are applied to the Research strategy as well so that it’s all in synch.

I’ll be happy to show you how .

NOTE. There are still some issues in with getting rid of TRADE so we’ll bring it back temporarily. For example I’m assuming you want to keep all the real past transactions you did in the Research strategy. This is not possible if the account is already linked.

I tried this a while ago. I dropped the new system because I had trouble with Canadian trading, and I didn’t have the time
to sort it out so I continued using the research stuff.

For my Canadian models I do the rebalance, commit the recommendations, and then manually enter the trades via the TWS.
I then post the trade results by editing the transactions in the live strategy.
Is there anything in the “manage” system that would prevent me from doing this?

Of course the best solution would be direct P123 support for CAD trades on IB…

I haven’t used the manage feature yet and have been running my strategies through separate books for each account. Should I link each book to my Manage corresponding account? Then do I rebalance each book and then rebalance my accounts within Manage? I execute my trades with interactive brokers. I want my book to continue to reflect my actual trades that includes all the past trades since I started each book.

For myself I was just not aware that TRADE was being phased out. It did what I needed so I just kept using it.

I’ve been experimenting with MANAGE and I think what I probably would want would be to use DRIVE to do the rebalance in one place and have the transactions propagate to the research model. What I can’t figure out right now is how to sync the MANAGE model up with the current holdings of my research model (which are also live holdings in IB). Not sure if this is part of the limitation Marco that you are referring to above.

In the meantime having access back to TRADE would be really helpful since it saves a ton of effort.

I also continued to use Trade because it worked well. The Manage feature seemed clunky - I tried to use it and it says I need to reconcile positions with my IB account and it wasn’t intuitive how to do this. Are there instructions on how to link and manage your accounts and strategies?

I agree without Canadian trading and ETF support, it is very cumbersome to try and use the manage function, I have always used the trade function directly from my live ports when rebalancing. I am very disappointed if this is being deprecated. The problem I have had is that I have several trading accounts all with USA and Canadian stocks and ETF’s and I hold stocks from each account that each use several live portfolio trading strategies. The manage feature seems like a lot of work that doesn’t really help automate my trading in any way, at least not without Canadian stock and ETF support.
In addition any Trade function should remember which account(s) the position is held in.

It sounds like there are others that have the same concern I have. I have more than one account that each use several of the same Portfolios. Using live books worked well for us. Please turn the Trade button back on within Live Books so I can rebalance my books.

Same issue here, we need the “Trade” button back.

Trade buttons are back, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks, it works now.