TRADE doesn't work


unfortunately TRADE is not work anymore - I guess it’s because of the account transfer to Ireland (because of the Brexit).

Do you need a new agreement to activate TRADE again?

I get this message when I want to use TRADE is:
You do not have any active accounts linked to TRADE.
You can add or update TRADE accounts HERE.


Sorry about that. We’re getting in touch with Interactive Brokers to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

UPDATE: They’re working on completing the migration for tomorrow. You should use the Retry button on the Properties page of your account (accessed via menu) prior to January 12th at 2PM GMT to ensure that it attempts to reactivate the account.

Thanks! Is this button on the IB menu or P123 menu? (I haven’t found it yet)

It can be found in the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines to the left of Summary) when looking at your account on Portfolio123.

Ok, I found it. When I click the re-try button, then I get the message “Unexpected error encountered, please try again or contact support.”.

IB has changed my account number during the transfer (they just changed the first “1” to a “7”) - could this lead to the problem?

I have made the necessary changes to your account. I will confirm that it is working after market close.

I’ve verified that the new account number is working.

Ok, great, thank you for the fast support!