Trading Canadian stocks through linked accounts

Hi p123,

What’s the plan for supporting trading of Canadian stocks through linked IBKR accounts? I don’t see this currently on the roadmap, but it would be very useful. Likewise, it’s not clear if the upcoming Europe plans on the road map just means support for Europe FactSet data in research or also support for linked trading.


Yes, that would be really useful.

This is under discussion at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

Same here, would also like that feature.

p123, do you have an ETA yet for trading Canada and Europe through linked accounts?

I’m trying to decide if I should make alternate plans for trading them.

Hi p123 team, gently following up on your potential plans for linked trading of Canada/Europe. Any updates?


It’s one of the next projects. Enabling Can/Eur and also adding some more trading algos. I think end of January at the latest. Thanks

Amazing news, thanks Marco. Both of those features will be very welcome additions!


Sorry, it’s long overdue. It’s a relatively easy project compared to what’s keeping us busy, adding AI/ML factors.

Hi p123, checking in on the expected availability of linked trading for Canada/EU. How close are we?


I would be very interested in this as well. I think It is not included in the roadmap currently. If more time is needed, is it perhaps an idea to add it to the roadmap anyway.

So I noticed that p123 is no longer blocking orders of Canadian stocks on its end. Instead, they’re failing on the IBKR side with an unknown contract error.

Is this just a matter of tweaking the IBKR conid lookup for Canadian stocks? Are any currency-related changes needed?

I’m just trying to gauge how close to the finish line we are.


We got stuck on something silly, then was put aside. Sorry about that. It’s on the roadmap “in-progress” . What’s left to do is not much. I will investigate
Thanks for asking

Thanks Marco, I’m happy to kick the tires on it when you give me the green light. Keep me posted, please.