Unable to find EPS data from panel

When I look at the "EPS Estimates: EPS Estimates Trend" panel of ticker LAKE, the Curr Qtr, Current EPS is 0.300.

However, I am unable to find this value using a screener.

It's an unfortunate naming that we got stuck with. I was confused too. EPSEst and SalesEst are historical estimates and they should really have "Hist" in their name. Use ConsEstMean instead. For example

ConsEstMean(#EPSQ,0) = CurQEPSMean
ConsEstMean(#EPSQ,1) = NextQEPSMean

You ran the screen on the day of LAKE's announcement, so some of the data wasn't updated immediately. Also complicating things was that the only analyst seems to have dropped coverage a few days prior to the announcement.

What worries me is the issue where the 0.30 EPS estimate data point was incorrect during two specific dates: Friday, April 12th, and Saturday, April 13th.


  • CurQEPSMean: Correctly updated from 0.30 to NA at the start of the new quarter.
  • EPSEst(0,QTR): Did not update to 0.30 at the start of the new quarter and remained at 0.27 for two days. After these two days is was correctly updated to 0.30. During these two days the EPS value of 0.30 was "lost".

This is problematic because I rank my stocks daily based on these metrics. This discrepancy can inadvertently trigger unwarranted sell or buy signals, particularly when comparing the latest analyst estimate EPS data with the actual EPS data of the most recent quarter, to calculate the earnings surprise.

We can't figure out what caused the discrepancy. We've looked into it as far as we can. Please let us know if you notice this again and we'll try to look into it while it's actually happening. It's entirely possible that FactSet might be giving us the data for actuals (which is where EPSEst(0,Qtr) comes from) a day or two later than that for current estimates (CurQEPSMean) in some isolated instances. But we just don't know because we don't keep snapshots of all the data that FactSet gives us. One way to avoid this in the future might be to exclude from ranking any stock with a StaleStmt flag.


Thank you for looking into this. I will post in this thread if I notice this issue again.