Using FRank in aggregate series builder

Hi all,
I want to look at the spread between valuation multiples for the highest to lowest rank stocks in an index. I seem to be getting an error when trying to use UnivAvg with a more complex formula.

I was thinking that the chart would show something like this:

UnivAvg(“Mktcap>50”,“FRank"EV2EBITDATTM”,#all,#asc)<10 - FRank"EV2EBITDATTM",#all,#asc)>90")

However, i get an error “invalid command “EV2EBITDATTM”” - is this due to trying to use Frank in the aggregate series formula? I also am just realizing that having a formula showing Frank<10-Frank>90 may just show the absolute rank numbers subtracted from each other (e.g. rank 10-rank90 = -80) rather than for example 200x EV/EBITDA - 10x EV/EBITDA = 190x.

Any suggestions on the best way to set up this formula?

Here’s one way to do it. Create a new universe with the following rules:

MktCap > 50
FRank("EV2EBITDATTM",#previous,#asc,#exclna) > 90 or FRank("EV2EBITDATTM",#previous,#asc,#exclna) < 10

Use this universe in the Aggregate Series. Your rule would then be:


I used 9 because that’s the median EV2EBITDATTM over the last 20 years using the United States (incl ADRs and dual-listed) universe and a market cap > 50. But if you’re using a different universe, the median might be a little different. It shouldn’t matter very much.
Now this formula doesn’t produce a very useful chart because the average can be extreme when stocks have very low EBITDAs. So a better formula would be


The resultant chart is very interesting indeed.

Amazingly helpful as always Yuval! Thank you and much appreciated.

Would it not be better to flip the formula to avoid complications due to -ve ebitda?

Also, does the EV calculation use Fully Diluted shares outstanding?

@yuvaltaylor How can we do this with ranks of ranking system? I.E. rather than call EV2EBITDATTM, we call the Core Value System and take the average return over x days of the top decline minus the bottom decile?

Thank you.

You can use Excel to chart this. Click on the Performance tab, then next to “Chart Type” click on “Performance.” Run the chart with 10 buckets. Download the data (the down arrow above the chart). In cell N13 type =L13-C13. Copy that down the whole way. In cell M13 type =A13 and copy that down the whole way. Select columns M and N and then click “Insert” and choose a 2-D line chart.

I’m afraid there’s no way to do this using Aggregate Series.