Welcome to the Portfolio123 Forum

Welcome to the Portfolio123 forum!

This forum is for all Portfolio123 users, whether you’ve subscribed or are just checking us out. It’s a place for you to share your work, ask questions of the community or the Portfolio123 staff, report bugs, and discuss issues pertaining to Portfolio123 and investing in general.

We discourage certain practices:

  • First, if you have your own business, whether it’s an RIA, a subscription service, or a newsletter, please do not post about it here.
  • Second, please refrain from name-calling or ad hominem attacks. All criticism should be constructive in nature.
  • Third, please do not post backtest results without making it clear that they are backtest results rather than live strategy (out-of-sample) results. (For example, saying “this strategy made 22% per annum in a simulation” is fine, while saying “this strategy made 22% per annum” is not really true unless it’s actually been running in real time for years.)

For more, please see https://community.portfolio123.com/t/terms-of-service/4 and https://community.portfolio123.com/t/faq-guidelines/5

This post is a welcome-only post; please feel free to start a new thread with any questions about it.