What does sell = 1 mean?

Hello all
I just saw on internet a nice strategy but with a strange sell order (sell = 1).
what does sell = 1 mean? sell always?

It is a coding thing. 1 is “boolean” here (not a float or an integer ia you might think being a human). Sell = True is the same thing for this code.

Thanks for the answer.
but what does it mean? the strategy sells every stock each rebalance? I don´t see it.
This is the only sell rule for the strategy.

I do think it would sell the stock at each rebalance. If you are not seeing that in the transactions one possible reason is that you may have this in your code:

I think P123 makes the sells first in its code (which would always occur with sell = 1) and then decides which stocks to by. So if the stock meets the buy conditions it would be bought again and may not show up in the transactions.

So for most of my sims if I put sell = 1 rather than RankPos > 15 (which evaluates to True as a boolean if RankPos is > 15) for a 15 stock sim I would see little change in the transactions. That would be because each stock with RankPos <=15 is being bought back.

But I cannot think of an exception where sell = 1 would not be selling each time. Maybe someone can think of an exception.

It effectively sells everything that would fail your buy rules, otherwise the position is kept.

Look at the public High Octane Microcaps sim which uses that method.

It uses the “Allow Immediate Buyback” option @Jrinne mentioned.

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thanks a lot for the answers, much appreciated!

Is the Small Cap Focus live strategy the same as the High Octane Microcaps sim you mentioned? If not, where is the High Octane Microcaps sim located? Thanks.

No, two different strategies. Look in your weekly strategy performance email. Its the one with the best 1 year performance.