what forum to use (if any) for documenting my different trials


If there were a forum labeled "Stupid Questions" or "Comic Relief", I would know where to post my questions and comments, but since there is not, then I will continue to post in the "Manage" forum.

I received some helpful comments to my post titled "Texas Aggie(*) I/Q getting in the way - why are my tranches so different?" (thanks, Mr. Ryan Telford, sir) that I am considering posting my research progress (regress ?) in a thread on this forum.  What prompted me do to this was Mr. Telford's comments about using Sentiment as the ranking method.  I wanted to show what I had done to reach that conclusion.  By documenting my efforts, I hope to (1) show what a newbie looks like (since you folks have probably been experts awhile now)  :) , (2) document the results of my efforts as proceed, and finally and most importantly, (3) get a lot of (hopefully) helpful feedback from the really smart folks on this forum.

So I will await comments to this post before I begin documenting my results, hopefully in an appropriate place (“Comic Relief” anyone?).


A lot of newbie users have used the forum to post their research progress. Users have always helped each other by gently suggesting where someone might have gone wrong. So I definitely encourage you to post.

Agree w/ Yuval, the forum’s a great place to get input and feedback. For me, investing is such a vast subject, there are always new ideas and concepts, not to mention trying to wrap your head around market behaviour of the day (which is always changing :)).