When to run a Dataminer test

If I run Dataminer, and it takes some time, and etc., there is a server update:

Will this affect or stop an on-going Dataminertest?

Is there some part of the day where you should avoid a Dataminer test because the website or server is delinking or is in update mode, so it will yield some weird results?

The short answer in your case is it probably won’t affect your DataMiner operation, but the best time to run anything is between 05:00 and 22:00 Central.

The update process aborts long-running backend operations* in order to restart servers, and there is potential for referencing modified data after the update.
* Our cutoff is 5 minutes. This generally means Rank Performance and Portfolio Simulation, (and Optimizer Study by extension,) may be interrupted. DataMiner operations run a series of requests that usually take well under 5 minutes.

The full schedule is listed below. “Second” relates to the “First” update of the prior day. Usually the data update completes and start propagating to servers half an hour after the scheduled time and take fifteen minutes to load, but data update can take longer, so you may just add two hours to be safe.

Day Second First
Sunday 03:00 22:00
Monday 03:30 22:00
Tuesday 03:00 22:00
Wednesday 03:00 22:00
Thursday 03:00 22:00
Friday 03:00 22:00
Saturday 10:00

Times are in Central.