WORKAROUND: Chrome issues related to extensions and old protocol we are still using

In the latest updates of Chrome and/or extensions, a deprecated Javascript functionality we still use causes the screener to freeze up, and probably other parts of Research.

We will be fixing this ASAP, but for the moment the only workaround is disabling the extension blocking the Javascript. At the moment we identified just McAfee WebAdvisor extension. There may be others, please let us know.

Another workaround is to use a different browser.

It may take a few days to fix this.

Sorry about this.

P123 isn’t the only site where this is happening. I’ve hit it twice today on Interactive Brokers just dealing with closing up the day’s trading including Modify Order on a Sell.


We released a new version of the website that should fix this. Let us know . Thanks

All the places I had identified as issues have been remedied. Thank you for the fast response.