Yuval's Coming Hedge Fund

I would love to hear more about this fund. Are you teaming up with anyone? Marketing materials?

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Very cool, congrats Yuval!

Good News.

Hope Yuval can do well with seeding the hedge fund and that he can overcome the capacity constraints with microcaps/smallcaps.


Very cool and great advertising for p123 - if p123 is being used! Congrats!

Thanks for the congratulations. However, I announced that I was starting a hedge fund to a small group of Seeking Alpha subscribers, not to the general public, only because I had to discontinue part of a service I was providing. I did not provide any details about the hedge fund to my subscribers, nor did I solicit any investors, and I am not soliciting any investors here. A public forum is not the appropriate place to discuss a 3(c)(1) fund. If anyone wants to talk to me about what I’m doing–which is entirely separate from my work for Portfolio123–please send me a private message or e-mail me.

Hi Yuval, I would be interested to learn more about your hedge fund. Please send me over any info that you have. Thank you! -Sam

We’ve been the instrumental tool for other companies too. Most notably the development of the Chaikin Power Gauge which is basically a four level Ranking System with much nicer graphics