Zacks rank using the P123 formulas

Has anyone tried to reproduce the Zacks rank using the P123 formulas? Is it possible to do it here? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this rank does not correspond to the rating from Zacks. The file contains shares with Zacks rank=1, price>1, volume>10000
zacks_custom_screen_2023-02-01(1).xlsx (20.2 KB)

This is supposedly how they rank stocks:

I think you are going to have a hard time exactly duplicating it though for multiple reasons. The biggest one being the data sets being inherently different.

I use the core sentiment ranking and it works well if used properly. Even though that doesn’t give you the same results as the Zacks top picks it’s still good. This is all fuzzy anyway, and we are just looking for ranking systems and universes that identify “populations” of stocks which are more likely to outperform.