Applying leverage to Live Book & Adjusting Live Book Size

Hi all,
I have been using P123 for almost 2 years now to manage several of my portfolios. The TRADE integration works smoothly and makes it very convenient. However there is one thing that I am struggling with and I find it incredibly annoying and time consuming. Maybe some of you have found a better solution…?

  1. I run a combination of several of my own models plus some designer models in a Live Book. I trade this book with 2x leverage, but unfortunately the Live Book doesnt support leverage. So I need to manually adjust book size from time to time, to keep the leverage constant whenever there has been and upswing or a drawdown.

  2. Adjusting book size - be it because I need to releverage or because I make a deduction/withdrawal cannot be done on an exisitng book. When I want to adjust book size I need to create a copy of the Live Book, give it the “new” size and then delete the old one.

None of these issues are showstoppers, but they do make portfolio administration a lot more cumbersome than it could be. Am I just using the P123 software wrong or is there no other way to do this?


I’m curious about this as well, especially as it relates to putting a designer model in a live book. I don’t see any other way.

Why not adjust book size by doing a manual cash deposit or withdrawal?

Hi yorama,

I am not sure I understand what you mean. How do you do a withdrawal in the P123 software?


Enter the live book, then pick from the menu “Transactions”, then “Manual buy/sell”, then in “Transaction Type” pick “Cash”, enter the sum and press “Add cash”. A negative value is a withdrawal.