Data quality/availability for european stocks

BTW, for Artifex Mundi SA, ART:POL, the latest financial data available in P123 is for Q42022 (based on company profile (screenshot tab), despite the company published Q12023 filling on 17/05/2023.
Any idea why this this new data is not available on P123 company profile (screenshot) ? here :

Other questions is related to factor ‘Sales’. The image belows shows that the numbers for SalesQ and Sales(qrt,0) are different. I always assumed that they should be the same numbers. Why are they different ?


Try - showvar(@sales1,sales(0,qtr))

right, this works,
btw, what this statement sales(qtr,0) returns ?

I don’t know. Would expect an Error - Invalid Criteria

I am asking FactSet about this and will share with you their response. It seems atypical on their part.

Thanks @yuvaltaylor for checking this.

Another issue is with 196 polish stocks out of 526, they have data only from the last 2 quarters (by checking that sales(2,qtr) is NA). Examples: ABS:POL, or AGO:POL.
Is this expected situation ?

I don’t have an answer to that. FactSet is giving us annual figures for these companies but not quarterly figures prior to the last two quarters. I’ll ask them about this. Thanks for pointing it out.

FactSet has now fixed this for ART:POL. I have asked them the follow-up question about the other Polish stocks with missing quarterlies and will update you when they respond.

Hi @yuvaltaylor do you have any update with regards the other Polish stocks with missing quarterlies ?

After the general election in Poland (pro-democratic parties won), polish stocks may be relatively good choice amongst emerging markets.

We’ve been having a bit of a back-and-forth about this. The problem in a nutshell is this: For almost 200 Polish stocks we are missing one or more of the last six quarters. Most of them are missing the quarter ending 12-31-2022. Many of them are also missing other quarters. The last I heard from FactSet about this was on October 17, when they told me that they were actively reviewing the companies and will give me an update as soon as possible. I will follow up. FWIW, quarters prior to the last six seem to be OK, and the last quarter or two is/are mostly OK too.