Designer models issue - URGENT

Hi P123 team,

I reiceved an email from p123 yesterday stating that all stocks in my two designer models will be sold due to a rank rule (see attachment). First I thought this is an error, but today I see that this has already been implemented.

There should never be a sale of all assets in the current circumstances. Please investigate ASAP.

Kind regards,

Something went wrong. We’ll have to delete the sell transactions and re-run the rebalance. Is that ok ?

Also investigating to find the root cause. Thanks

Hi Florian , we re-run the rebalance and sent emails to the subscribers. The transactions are pending and will be “executed” tonight using Monday’s closing prices.

The problem is related to Friday’s holiday which caused your universe to be emtpty. It’s exactly the same issue reported here,13301

We should have a fix soon. Thanks

I got a buy email with 3 buys. This is a 10 position portfolio. So does this mean the old positions have to be sold and 75% of asets have to be deployed into new positions. THis is really funky

I got the same . Probably it still doesnt work well. It is possible to post /sent via email current holdings , so i can rebuy them ? ( sold everything yesterday )

Thanks Marco for the quick response and action!

And to all subscribers: for now it’s best to not sell any stocks. There will be another rebalance the following weekend which will fix the issue entirely.

Thanks for your understanding!

We have dropped today’s recommendations as well, they were based on an inconsistent model state and thus erroneous. Waiting next week’s rebalance is the best move here, the model remains unchanged. We apologize for the inconvenience.