European Data on Portfolio123: Help us make it a reality

You’ve seen what you can do using Portfolio123 in the U.S. and Canadian stock markets, but there’s a lot more investment opportunity to be captured beyond those borders. Our goal is to eventually be a truly global platform that empowers users to pursue alpha wherever it may be found, and adding support for Europe is our next step toward realizing that goal.

If we reach the goal in pledges by December 1, 2017, we will commit to the project with a projected launch date of Q2 2018. You will be able to use your pledge, plus an additional 25% credit, towards any European data subscription.

Find out more about this project here.

I have a question regarding the last line of the Terms section. It says “Pledges can only be used for active P123 membership levels available for your user type”. Can you explain this? I want to make sure my legacy ‘Gold’ membership is not excluded from this ‘active’ group.

Also, can the amount you have pledged be changed up until Dec 1st? For example, I might pledge $1k now but then increase it later if we get close to the goal but need additional pledges.

For Europe only active memberships will be available. We will likely allow you to pick different memberships for each region., ex Investor in one, Designer in another. If you have both, the lower cost one will be 60% of the full price. Something like that seems reasonable.

Yes, pledges can be changed anytime till end of November. We’ll make that clear. Thanks

Hi Marco. Let me clarify my first question. I want to make sure that if I pledge some $ for the Europe project and it should happen to fail to get the pledges needed, then can I use my pledged amount toward my current US Gold membership? Or would I need to change my current membership to some other active membership type in order to utilize my pledged money?

This is good news but I’m concerned at the exchanges included in Phase 1. More pertinently I’m concerned about the exchanges NOT included.

The S&P database contains about 7,000 stocks. A quick look shows that about 2000 of those are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The UK is not in the Eurozone so, although London dwarfs other European markets in both size and importance, it is relegated to phase 2 while the likes of Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia go into phase 1 by reason only of their use of the Euro.

Relegating the UK (and Switzerland) to the same level as Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and the Ukraine is, frankly, a nonsense.

May I please ask that urgent re-consideration be given to this phasing so that the first markets to be included are those which are important in investment terms. In other words, for goodness sake include London in phase 1!


Hi Steve,
thanks for the feedback and for supporting the project. As you noticed, we are planning to proceed adding one currency at a time as “All Fundamentals - Currency” single universe, plus a number of sub-universes based on single exchanges included.

Aware of the importance in terms of number of companies and market capitalization, British Pound and Swiss Franc universes are definitely high priority and will be implemented right after Euro universe. Phase 2 will involve the creation of many universes, but they will be released one at a time based on relative market size. So don’t worry about London at the same level of Kiev.

We chose the Euro universe as the first one for the same factors: aggregate market cap and number of companies. Including UK and Switzerland in phase 1 would probably cause the full release to be delayed beyond Q2 2018.

Although, we are considering not to include some of the smaller exchanges of the Euro Area in Phase 1 in order to speed up the implementation of UK and Switzerland.

Thanks Riccardo

If data is to be useful it has to be widely and easily tradeable. Many of the exchanges on the Euro Area database are virtually untradeable.

Interactive Brokers ( lists stocks in the following Euro Area market centres:-

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Outside the Euro Area:-

Hungary, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

If not including some of the ‘smaller’ exchanges of the Euro Area in Phase 1 speeds up implementation of both Phase 1 and inclusion of the United Kingdom and Switzerland perhaps the IB list would be a good (and useful) place to start. Doing it that way might also encourage more subscribers to pledge support.


Great !!!
Thank you very much for the initiative.

I have just pledged $5500 and will pledge more, if we run short.

One thing that is really important is to have TRADE work in all markets.

At the moment TRADE does not work in Canada.
Thank you very much Marco and everyone at P123

Very cool!
Just chipped in 2000$.
Hope it gets through.
Iam sure the models we got here will play out very nicely with european data…

Thank you!!!



chip in :slight_smile:

getting better, chip in guys :-)))))

Dear Marco
Could you Please send an Email to all users regarding the european data pledge.

Just to.make sure nobody misses it?

Thank you very much


Great! A dream may come true :slight_smile:
Also pledged…
I almost missed it because I don’t read the forum regularly.

I want to thank the p123 team for setting up this pledge system for European data. I am especially impressed because it shows p123 really reads our posts and ideas, listens to us users and takes action. I have dealt with dozens of companies and service providers in life. 99% of companies would simply ignore the pleas and rambling of their customers. I tip my hat to Marco and team for really listening and following through with this. This is what I want as a customer.

I just pledged $1k. Let’s do this guys!

Edit: Yes, can you email all users about this pledge, let’s get everyone interested on board? It was purely by coincidence that I saw it!

cooooommmmeeeee oooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn :slight_smile:

I agree, and Phase 1 needs to concentrate on the major European markets available through Interactive Brokers (TRADE) including the UK and Switzerland.

It would be great to have UK and CH from day 1, but I could live with the promise that these would be added in a 2nd step as they bring extra work due to different currencies.

I agree with Tobias. Its an ambitious total to raise, especially without any publicity. An email to all users and a link on the main P123 homepage would surely help.

Emails to current users have been sent. Have you not received it? We’ll send to the past users later today. Thanks

yes, I received the email and pledged my share.