Link with other brokers: Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, other

Please vote and specify which broker

Charles Schwab

Fidelity for now. Charles Schwab does well for order price improvement on trades, however.

I vote for Fidelity.

Fidelity for me.

Maybe I need to switch to Fidelity. Why does everyone use them?

  1. Fidelity
  2. TDAmeritrade (Becoming Schwab soon, I guess.)

Fidelity would be most appreciated

Charles Schwab

I vote for Schwab

Charles Schwab

So, Fidelity was well know for order price improvement and possibly was the best at one point. At this time I am sure that Schwab does well and there was a recent study that suggested Shwab was doing even better that Fidelity.

Chipper posted a link to an article in the forum here is the article:

Here is Chipper’s post: Hidden cost of free trading? US$34B a year, study says

I do not know which is best at this point Really have no opinion.


I use Fidelity

Jim, the study that I posted a link to in the other thread is only applicable if you are placing tiny market orders.

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Fidelity does not have an official API. We’re in talks with SnapTrade which allows sending orders to several brokers via a single API. For Fidelity they reversed engineered their internal http API which means that their solution can ( and does) break. When it breaks they say that it gets fixed quickly. NOTE: not sure if they reversed engineered some of the more advanced orders like Fidelity’s vwap.

For brokers that have an official API (either FIX or REST) we can do it ourselves like we did IBKR and Tradier. Adding other brokers with official APIs should not be too hard, but it’s still work.

TD/Schwab is a bit of an unknown right now tda-api and the Schwab Transition — tda-api documentation

So, in short, seems like we at least need to try SnapTrade to speed up this project.

Fidelity does not seem too interested in creating an API (Fidelity has official responses on Reddit). If they were interested they would say “it’s in the roadmap” or something.

Questrade please

I’ve given up on Schwab. Its hard to beat the P123/IB/VWAP combo when managing multiple family accounts that have to rebalanced every week.
I think P123 should focus on improving the existing IB/Tradier links before integrating any new ones. It baffles me that more people don’t use the semi-auto P123/IB integration to do their trades. Seems like there is only a handful of us that do this.

Do you have a friends and family account with ibkr that’s linked with portfolio123? If so, would love to hear more about how that works. I’d like to start managing my wife’s IRA through portfolio123 and was wondering the best way to handle that.