New Community Forum software powered by Discourse

Deal All,
Our community forums are now powered by Discourse (not the same as Discord). We imported all the previous discussions and attachments.

There are many cool features that we will be introducing slowly. I’ll start with a few here

  • To add images just Copy/Paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) or drag an image from your computer
  • You can mention anyone using @username and they will get an alert on their community avatar (at the moment these alerts only show up when you are in the community website. You will not see these alerts if you are on the main site)
  • Click on the Chat icon next to your picture to join public Chat channels or create your own private channel.

We’re very satisfied so far. Let us know what you think!

The Chat interface takes some getting used to. By default you see the General channel. It’s a public channel and anyone can post on it. To change settings for a channel click on its name (2) to disable notifications for example. To see other channels click on the left arrow (1). To create a private channel click on the + (3) and you can then add multiple users

Only admins can create public channels, so let us know if you would like multiple topics.


I used to be able to see the date and time of new posts in the forum. Is this still possible?

Here is what I am seeing now:

The Activity column is not enough? Show you minutes , hours , etc since the last activity. Top post is 7 days old because it was pinned

I have the same problem. To see the date (and time) of a post is important for me to judge whether I have already read it or not.

Everything was fine for me with the old forum design, possibilities and informations. The new ones are uninteresting and confusing for me.


Discourse remembers were you left off, both at the latest topics level (index page) and inside a certain topic, so this should not be a problem. However, hovering the activity column value should show the topic creation and last post dates.

The old platform was a third party product (as Discourse is also, of course) that was no longer receiving updates for quite some time, switching to a modern and actively maintained product had become both a necessity and a priority for us. We spent quite a lot of time looking for the best replacement candidate and Discourse stood out as one of the most mature, fully featured and actively maintained platform. Give it a little chance and you will soon discover that it is vastly superior to the previous platform.

I had saved a couple dozen or so threads under my account on the old forum software. Is there anyway to temporarily access that old Saved Threads page so that I can copy them over?

I will provide them for you via a private message.

I also had many threads saved. I’d like to copy them over as well. Thanks

I have created a temporary page where everyone can access the bookmarked threads from the previous forum platform:

Thanks for helping us get these bookmarks, Marius. I did just hit this error this morning though:

You’ve reached the maximum number of daily bookmarks. You can create more bookmarks in 11 hours.

Is this a tunable limit that can be changed? If not, I’ll just wait to finish my import tomorrow.

That is a dumb limit indeed, bumped it up to 100/day, was 20 by default.

With a default limit of 20, they must have been trying to prevent those infamous bookmarking DoS attacks :grinning:

Thank you for raising the limit, that worked – I was able to save the rest of mine. And thanks for the forum upgrade in general. In particular, the search results seem more relevant and navigable so far.

Are we able to use the Discourse app on mobile devices? I was unable to find Portfolio123 in the app.

If you’re referring to the “Discourse Hub” app, I just tried it and it works, you just have to use the correct domain,


In the old forum the country of the posting member was shown automatically. For me this was an interesting and valuable information.


Could you please send me my saved threads also