Point in Time Stock Snapshot

Dear All,

The new snapshot page is now live and you can set it to display for a specific point in time. Enclosed is an example for FB when it tanked right after the IPO. I don’t recall exactly why it had a lousy start, tanking around -40% from IPO price, but I highlighted some of the more salient factors on 1/1/2013.

It just had a few quarters of negative EPS growth and institutions were not yet buying it with around 26% ownership. Analysts Price target was of course a joke in hindsight with only a 16% upside.

But it did show its strength in the gross margin, sales trajectory, and an astonishing $1.4M in sales per employee.

The rest is history and became a 10-bagger since then.

Let us know what you think of this new feature. Maybe it will help you find the next FB? Perhaps it’s UBER??


PS. We did some other cosmetic work in the snapshot with more effective visual displays of the Advanced Factors like Piotroski FScore and added Payout Ratio.

Oh, this is very nice! Thank you for the new functionality.


Very nice!

Thanks Marco,

this is an interesting addition!