Proposal for Alerts feature of Portfolio123

We’re putting together the specs for a new feature called ‘Alerts’. When a certain condition is met the Alerts feature will send you an email and post a message on the home page when you login. The alerts will be processed daily.

You will be able to specify Alerts for:

  • a single stock
  • a list of stocks
  • the results of a screen
  • the holdings of a model(s)

There are many websites that allow you to create alerts on lists of stocks, but until now the only type of triggers are only price/volume based. We plan to provide alerts triggers using all the power of Portfolio123.

Below please find a sample of the types of alerts we plan to implement. Please make suggestions to make this a truly unique tool. Some of the alerts will be ‘canned’ for simplicity (selectabel from an easy to use interface. You will also be able to create your own custom trigger with a custom rule with all of the factors/functions (like a 1 line of a screen)

Thank you

Sample of proposed Canned Alert Triggers:

Unique to P123

Rank change (%[x] or above/below [x])
Estimate increase/decrese
Rating change
Ratios trigger
Ex: PE greater/less than [x]
Updated financial data (new filing with SEC)


New High/Lows in period
1 week,1 mo, 3 mo, 1y, etc
% Gain/Loss
1 day, 1 week,1 mo, 3 mo, 1y, etc

Price above below SMA[x]
Moving average cross over/under
Price above/below[x]
Gap up/down
Price moves outside of range[x,y]
Volume changes

In addition to the alerts described, what do you all think about “relative alerts?”

Academicians tell us, correctly I think, that at least 2/3 of a stock’s daily movement has nothing to do with the stock itself but relates to the market. This is why i know that if I see CNBC in the morning and learn that, say, “futures suggest a very weak open for the market,” I already know most of my negative alerts will be flashed.

Suppose we were to measure all the usual things relative to the market. In other words, with price changes, relationship between prices and MA, relationships between different MAs, etc,the alerts would be triggered if they were a specified degree better or worse than the market.

We might even map sectors to well-traded ishares or SPDR sector ETFs and use those as sector benchmarks, so we can get alerted to stocks that are acting in a noteworthy way even relative to sector peers.

Relative alerts like these would then, really tune us into things happening to individual stocks, as opposed to restating big-picture developments we are likely to already know about.

Marco - Are these alerts intra-day (wishful thinking ?) or end of day as the current updates are.



end of day. they will run right after all the fundamental updates that finish around 2AM

** Deleted my original post **

Why not make alerts the same as any buy/sell rule instead of trying to have some custom functions? A lot easier and more flexible.


I like the “relative” alerts idea a lot. I hope it is an option either as canned options or by using “bench” in a formula.

I hope we can select the index to which the relative alert is tied. For example, the Russell 2000 is often a more appropriate index for my stocks than the SP500. Others might want the Nasdaq index.

deleted - need more coffee this morning

Alerts would be terrific. I look forward to this feature.

Was this ever developed? Daily email alerts based on a screen (and the other things mentioned here) would be fantastic.


13 years later… Wow. I feel old.

Was never implemented. I will move it to the Roadmap in the Future column. Please vote

Many different ideas of alerts. Perhaps that’s why we never got this going

One type of alert I I want is to simply remind me of a stock 2 weeks from now in the P123 dashboard. For example after large move settles down. Yes, I realize there are a million apps to set up reminders and to-dos… but I want the reminders about stocks when I’m working on stocks. Not mixed up with other stuff.

Seems like a simple start would be to send an alert if a screen returns any records.
For example, if I had a screen that mirrored my favorite ranking system for certain bad elements. If that screen ran itself daily and returned any results, I would get an alert.
Or if the screen had any stocks with a certain screen factor value, send an alert.
One specific example that has recently popped up is monitoring the BeneishMScore for bad actors. (See the stock TIO).


Before it started shooting up Beneish was a safe -3.37, then started trending up reaching the worst value right at the high (higher numbers are worse with Beneish)

Maybe Hinderbug research just uses p123 + Beneish :thinking:

PS. I lost a bunch with TIO too :frowning:

But if you had a daily alert, you would have sold near the high.
On Friday, 05/19/2023, TIO had an M-Score of -0.96,
On Monday, 5/22 the score was 11.69, but the stock had only dropped $0.09.

Actually, TIO had an MScore of -0.96 on April 9. That’s well above Beneish’s recommended limit (-1.49 to -1.89). So if you had paid attention to that, you wouldn’t have bought the stock.

I got burned badly too. I’ve spent the last week working on a version of the Beneish M-Score that’s more to my taste and that, in my humble opinion, works better. I’ll do a blog post on it soon. It’s still very much based on the main five factors in the M-Score, which I like very much, but adds a few twists to them and adds a couple of addn’l factors.

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That would make for a great post! I’d like read something about the history of Beneish, it’s components, which component(s) flagged TIO and why you created a new version.