Rebalance X-Ray now live

Dear All, we released a major upgrade to Rebalance which we call “Rebalance X-Ray”. You can read about it here

Rebalancing Live Strategies and the X-Ray Tool

It can help you understand what is going on in a rebalance, see which Buy or Sell rule is causing a transaction, drill down into the rank, and much more. You can also switch to a new mode called ‘Discretionary Rebalance’ that lets you override any recommendation or non recommendation.

Here are some pictures from the documentation. Let us know what you think (this was a lot of work)

Thank you

Note: most of the X-Ray Report features are only available to Ultimate memberships

Figure 1 Buy Rules report

Figure 2 Rank Details


Very slick. Thanks Marco. This will be very useful and will answer a lot of questions I’ve had about what’s happening under the hood.

Wow, just at first glance this looks fantastic, thanks! I’ve been drilling down more during rebalance (manually), so I’m sure this will help.

Will dig into it.


very cool, thank you!!!

I like the improved information, but rebalances are slower (getting “loading” delay with spinning arrow frequently going to the new page) and more keypresses and page travels are required.- Imho- the interface could be improved by:

  1. Rebalance tab from summary page takes you to a single rebalance page, (combine the 2 steps into one).
  2. Return back to summary page after rebalancing (this saves another step.)
  3. Have a default preset on the three buttons {reconstitute and rebalance, reconstitute, rebalance} ,
    either most commonly used (rebalance?), or user selectable. (frequently saves a keypress)

I may be atypical, but I have a lot of manual rebalances, and the above would make the process much quicker…


When rebalancing and there are no transactions then the system does not recognize that a rebalancing has occurred.

Thus, if one rebalances on Sunday morning and there are no transactions, and subsequently if more data becomes available Sunday night, then it is possible that the model is automatically rebalanced without one knowing about it.

Therefore the “commit” button should be active even if there are no rebalance transactions so the system recognizes that a manual rebalancing was performed.

Manual rebalancing has now become much more cumbersome than before.

“the “commit” button should be active”

I have the same issue and agree with this.

Also, please bring back the available cash figure post-transaction and “start over” when going through the process of rejecting transactions.

I would also like to see when the last time the stock was held for buy transactions, and how long the stock was held for sell transactions. (I am trying to get a grip on eliminating stock transactions where two stocks switch ranking positions every week.) This is more important to me than seeing the number of previous transactions.

Slower by how much? We’re seeing roundtrip total of around 1 second.

  1. Cannot do this now
  2. Agreed
  3. Agreed


We’ll have the Commit back when there are no recs

To start over you can refresh the page. We can put it back.

We can brainstorm a new report in the X-Ray section to give you additional info. We’re also missing the popup that shows you previous transactions in a chart.

Current and Projected Cash are in the gray bar on top. Is that what you are referring to?

I see about 1-2 seconds delay after clicking on “Get Recommendations,” and previously it was near instantly, in most cases… I guess 1 second is a minor nuisance, as long as it doesn’t get longer.

Thanks for responding!

Yes, the new rebalance is about 1s slower because it loads the necessary data for the X-Ray reports.

We did this big project because professionals and advisors wanted more info what is going on in rebalances ( and they pay more ).

We could have a “Simple Rebalance” button that has only Transactions and Allocation pages. No ability to switch to discretionary (so only accept/reject), no X-Ray, etc.

Not that hard to do, but things always take longer than expected. Let us know. Thanks

The rank should be displayed with 2 decimals like before, I now have to use the screener in order to properly see a stocks rank.
It would be nice to be able to access the new features to try out for a few weeks. Its hard to tell if its worth upgrading to a ultimate account without the ability to access the locked features.

I’d be satisfied with my number 2.& 3. suggestions, no simplified rebalance is necessary…
Particularly would like to land back on the summary page as in (2) so as to see the equity curve.
Another enhancement?:
4. Show %profit/loss for the SELL recommendations on the transactions line(s)…

Done with most tweaks. Additional easy ones would be adding more useful columns for positions like PL, weight, or an entire Position report.

Additional enhancements could be customizable reports to show factor of choice (although you can get around that by creating dummy buy/sell rules that just display data)


Thank you P123 Team. Commit Button is now always active, even when no transactions occur.

What happened to the ability to click on the company snapshot when hovering over a ticker on the rebalance page? This feature seems to have disappeared… It is important to be able to scrutinize the proposed transactions before hitting the commit button.

Clicking on the ticker opens a new tab with the Timeline for the stock. Clicking additional tickers add to the dropdown list. I think the main difference is that the Timeline is opened by default.

Also the “Ticker Link” popup shown below is no longer available. We’re transitioning to new framework from the one being used in the Research pages, and we have not yet recreated the ticker link popup. It’s on the to-do list.

Here’s the Ticker Link popup still available in other pages in Research

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Marco - will we still be able to hover over the 3M, 1Y, and 3Y charts? I use this feature more than any other on P123. I wouldn’t want to see that disappear.

Steve not sure what you mean. The 3M, 1Y, and 3Y are there now.

OK thanks. Everything looks good.