Strategy Reports released (officially)

Dear All,

Some of you noticed a new “PDF Report” button in the Summary page of a strategy in the Research section which generates a pretty, professional looking report. We had released it quietly while we were making the final tweaks. Below is the final version of the report showing the P123 model “Profitable Leaders” which you can follow for free (for now, more on this below).

A professional presentation should help you market your models or services. Please let us know what you think of this presentation. What else would like to see in the front page? There will be a second page as well, maybe more, depending on demand. We want to unify how models are presented and we will be using several of these ideas for Designer Models as well as our own.

Regarding our plans for “P123 Models” currently located under Manage→P123 Models. We will be releasing several new models that are very promising for the USA and other regions. You will be able to follow them as-is, or copy them and modify them. However, to be fair to Designers, and also because we spent a lot of time creating them, they will no longer be free to follow. A subscription will be required.

Thanks as always for your feedback

ProfitableLeaders.pdf (115.5 KB)


Really like the new report!

Nice report format. I’m seeing that markdown isn’t rendered - at least for Bold Text.

@WalterW Can you add a screenshot? Not sure how to reproduce. Thanks

This is from one of my DMs. The bold text is the first line.

Hi Marco - Would it be possible to change the start (inception) date? The reason I ask is that I have several ports that I released as a continuation of simulations, similar to how DMs are created. I send reports to several subscribers but unfortunately, I have to change the start date to match when the real portfolio was created, instead of the inception date, which is the start of the simulation and isn’t relevant. It is a lot of work to recreate the stats from a different start date.

Also, can the %weight be provided next to the holdings?

It would also be nice to have cash% listed in the holdings.

Finally, it would be nice to have either custom benchmarks or ETFs as benchmarks. This is something I have wanted for a long time but was never implemented. I have ports that are based on Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and other niche markets that aren’t properly represented by existing benchmarks.


That’s a bit of a project. You can just create a Book with one single asset and run a backtest from the date you desire. It will be missing some thing like holdings and allocation , but the stats should be correct. Here’s Profitable Leaders model stats for 7Y using a Book sim
ProfitableLeaders7Y.pdf (75.5 KB)

Adding weights and cash sounds like a good idea

ETF as benchmark is a separate project . I though we had planned it, but not finding the task at the moment


This Strategy Report is excellent. Thanks very much.

A few requests please:

  1. Current Recommendations
  2. Those Recommendations should go on page 2, in the event we want to package them as part of some premium content
  3. As it relates to Current Recommendations as part of Books, can you code this so that our Books “look through” to the Recommendations of the underlying strategies? As it stands now, book recommendations aren’t current unless we rebalance the underlying strategies, which for those of us with 52-week rebalance schedules is not feasible. I think the same is true of most rebalance schedules other than weekly. A “look through” is essential for Book Recommendations.
  4. Growth of $10,000 - format the results to show the dollar figure, in the same vein as we see the dollar value for the growth of $100,000 on the Summary page. As is, I don’t think the 2-digit number and 1 decimal is intelligible to someone who isn’t intimately familiar with P123 data.

Thanks again. Very nice addition to P123.

where ist this “Strategy Report”? I ran several strategies of mine and cannot find any PDF-Button in the Summary Page ??

The button is in the top right corner of the Summary page for Research strategies (simulations, live ports and books).

Thank you Dan.
I found it now.

It indeed is wonderful. And would be nice to have current holdings and weights in the 2nd page.

I think the growth should be that of $1. Will it also be possible to show the current securties (not strategies) in a book simulation and %sector allocation, etc.

“We will be releasing several new models that are very promising for the USA and other regions.”

Great, looking forward to it.

Marco, You should add the dividend yield to the report.

Marco, another great P123 addition, thanks.

My only suggestion on this report would be the ability to add an alternate model/strategy name for marketing purposes. Several of my models have very technical names, but would be good to change this to something more marketable. i.e. say model name is “Microcaps_model235_v2.2_20201101.vb”. Would rather use “Microcap Madness” or some other over the top (aka marketable ;-)) name.

Could re-name a strategy, but would rather not have duplicates of the same strat. Also gives flexibility in choosing different names, how it appears on the report, etc.


Hi Marco,
any news on this? Release date?
Will we get some Christmas presents from P123 ? :grinning:

P123 Team,
Thank you for adding Yield to the report.

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Few have been released in the Research section only (so you can copy them and modify them). They will be in the Managed section , the P123 models area, soon together with 5 or six more models (but a Research membership will be required)

Small cap focus, Easy to follow
Small caps focus
Sectors ETF rotation

Thanks. We also added weights in the current holdings, and few cosmetic tweaks here and there