BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Preview of our new website is now live

Dear All,

We finally have a pre-release preview of the new site for you to try! It’s fully functional and connected to the production database, so any changes you make are saved.

Before I show the link, some important keywords to explain…

What you are currently used to is still there but it’s all under the “Research” menu. Research is where you develop strategies. What is currently “Live Portfolios” and “Portfolio Simulation” will simply be known as “Strategies”. Everything in Research is just a model, the $ amounts of positions are irrelevant and might as well just be expressed in weights.

There is an entirely new section called “Invest”. Invest is where where you create “Accounts”, one for each brokerage account you wish to manage. Within Accounts you invest in “Portfolios” which can be set to follow “Models” . A Model can be one of our pre-built Models, a Designer Model, or a strategy from your Research.

Finally, we recommend reading the presentation pages before logging in to get an overall idea of what we are shooting for. We also recommend reading our new Knowledge Base at

That’s all for now. The timing of the official and permanent switch to the new site is not set yet. It depends on the issues that come about, but we hope to do it before the end of the year.

Here’s the link

We welcome your thoughts as always.


I think the site is attractive and I did not encounter any usability issues on my short visit.

Seems like the robo-advisor idea is a good one. I think I might have even suggested it in one of my post. I am sure that a lot of people had the same idea. But I have been convinced for a while that P123 is well suited to do this–with the necessary expertise and the tools. And it seems to be popular.

Obviously there are other things coming or things I missed. I look forward to exploring and learning about them.



P123, Marco,

Before I even look at the new site design (which I am sure will be very nice), can you please make sure you ensure a long transition period? (like you did a year or 2 ago on the last major redesign with a possibility to access the old version for quite a few weeks / months)

Those of us (like me) scraping the website to automate a number of actions on live portfolios will certainly need to (re)code quite a lot to transition smoothly…

Many thanks in advance,


The new site is really nice! One area I found confusing was the “Cash to Invest” field. The dropdown is a percentage while the text box is in Dollars. Also, the percentage is % cash, not portfolio value. That threw me for a loop first time. All in all, pretty good!


It would be nice to have a Quick Start Guide for existing users. Especially for something like weekly rebalancing of a live port.

The new site is very nice. It seems more oriented towards retail investors and robo-advising, which I assume is the point.

It’s an opportune time for me to enter AM, so I’d like to transition over to using its full capabilities right away. One impediment is the ability to “port” our portfolios track record over to the new site. Is this capability planned? Does it already exist?

Also, since the new site is directed towards advising, I’d like to see more portfolio reporting tools that can be used for retail clients. For example, Black Diamond ( has some nice reporting tools for breaking down clients’ performances. I especially like their tools for customizing benchmarks.

Jerome , should not be a problem to keep old site running for a while . But try it, there should not be many differences since URLs in research section should be the same as current production.

Primus, when you start a new Manual portfolio you can import transaction and recreate the track record.

The redesign is not really targeting advisors. For example there’s no way to create “client accounts” and Interactive Brokers does not allow “F” advisor accounts to be linked using TRADE. We’ll see about that, maybe IB likes what we’re doing and will be interested to allowing linking. What we’re really looking for now is to have a much larger active userbase, hence the free parts, that should open up many doors. Same goes for the upcoming advisor service offering stock strategies for very low mgmt fee. And of course in 2019 we will also go back to adding features to “research” and revisit adding other datasets .


A very clean and simple looking site. Very pleasing on the eyes and uncluttered. Sort of like when my wife spends a week doing spring cleaning and everything is logically where it should be.

Great job!

can not logg in, I got a Long Password…

it is clean looking and easier to use. And fast.

Really like the clean, lighter look. I love the performance tracking and industry allocation embedded analytics for accounts and portfolios. I’ve got lots of questions about how to set up legacy portfolios and books with newly created accounts, but I’ll play around more.

Hi Marco,
nice looking interface, clean and appealing. Played around a bit.

Can’t seem to find “Components >> Custom Series” ?
Hidden somewhere??


Research >. Comonents >> Series

Thank you, Marc.

So P123 has officially transitioned to an RIA?

Is the goal to charge people .35% per annum to use a P123 strategy or a designer model that routes to a broker? The payment is really for the routing? i.e. people could see p123 strategies and enter orders themselves for free?

Will ‘Researched’ strategies also have to pay .35% per annum to route to a broker?

I’d like to play with routing to a broker for free on personally designed strategies - though I realize free is an awfully good deal.
Currently, I do not route to brokers because I just have troubling letting computers move money when I’m not around :slight_smile:

I know ‘trade’ order types were recently improved, but they are still not good enough to let P123 route automatically. In particular, routing directly to the Investor’s Exchange (IEX) is not yet available. I would love to see that.

I think the thrust of the change is very good. It’s almost like you looked at the way I actually use P123 (managing different strategies in different accounts) and adjusted to that.

Perhaps Port sim and Book Sim should be moved to research. While Live Port and Live Book should stay under ‘Your Investments’ not ‘You Invest’.

Merryl Lynch won’t be happy about that spelling.

You probably need someone who hasn’t been coding for 10 hours to write the copy :slight_smile:

European data is the big missing feature at this point.

Everyone I mention “P123” to says it’s a bad name. Sorry. It is a little childish, while investing is usually a very serious matter in people’s minds. i.e. They WANT to take it seriously. It also suggests it’s easy, which it is with respect to all it allows users to do. But P123 is very precise.

“AlphaFolio” might be a good name. Though it lends credence to the very wrong alpha beta theory.
“Capital Folio” playing off Cap IQ.
“Factor Folio”
“Smart Folio”
“iPortfolio”. Something to pick up the customization aspect.

I think there is going to be some confusion between the coming P123 Advisor and the fact that P123 models are under Invest–>Models.
Perhaps it would be better to put all P123 Model info under P123 advisor.

The live chat box really needs to have not just a minimize option but a close option.

The box logo is cool. I hate to see that go.

Thanks for all you fellas do in Chicago!

A new entity, Portfolio123 Securities, is an SEC registered adviser under the robo category. It han’t yet commenced opening accounts and is registered in what is colloquially known as the robo category, which means it is not subject to an AUM threshold.The Series 65 “Investment Adviser Rep” and “Chief Compliance Officer” is me.

The rest of Portfolio123 remains the same entity you know and love.

Interesting proposed names, but trademark lawyers at Capital IQ (and if there is one company on this or any other planet we do not wish to irritate, Capital iQ and its parent wouldrnk inthe top 1) and Folio Investing might not share our feelings. Naming a business can be a delicate activity. It can be even more deicate with RIA organizations.

EbenezerScrooge ,

The RIA venture is just another product. We have lots of traffic right now that we don’t convert to pay membership (no time, big learning curve, etc) but most likely wants to own stocks, not ETFs. Our RIA will do that at around 0.35%, but we’ll try to do it for less.

Routing orders to your broker, from your strategies , designer models, or p123 models will never be a % fee. It will be free with a Research membership and free or almost free if you have no premium membership. We’ll see what deals we can strike with brokers. BTW: if anyone has contacts with the big ones let me know (etrade,robinhood,tdameritrade,etc). I’m talking about decision makers in those firms that agree to let us send orders via API or FIX.

Yes, improvements on routing orders is in the works. It’s key component if we want to be the “guy in the middle” making it all work: getting more people buying stocks, making it easy to DIY manage multiple accounts, etc.

Thanks for pointing out the bad editing. Where’s “Merryl Lynch” ?

We’ll pick up Europe again with S&P next year. The entire thing came to a grinding halt due to misuderstandings, but I think we can restart it.

P123 is not the greatest name, but it’s easy to remember and was available at the time. AlphaFolio is worse! I think P123 is like hearing your own voice. First time you hear it you hate it, but then it gets better.

Ditto for logo.

Thanks !

Just read the help section: “What’s up with that name?”

Until now I just assumed that “Portfolio” was already taken and you added a number (like people do all the time for usernames). Probably some truth to that, I would think.

Probably just me but I would stop being defensive about the name and even remove “What’s up with that name?” from the help section.

Personally, if never gave it a moment’s thought. On reflection, I have a mild positive feeling about the name. And it feels professional enough.

It is easy to remember and a short internet name these days.

Just my take.